Going Kosher for Passover

The Most Fun Way to Give Tzedakah

This is a wonderful video from a new page on Facebook called, Thank You Hashem with this video from Jerusalem.

THANK YOU HASHEM for making this video happen. We can obviously see how you sent the right people my way.
I just needed to start the engine. A big thank you to Yakov Citron for being a sick film man. You ROCK!!!
Thank You Yosef Chaim for being the star

Do You Think Science & Religion Can Coexist?

Zach Anner, a self-proclaimed “climate change idiot” is here to find out what the hell climate change is and what people across America are doing (or not doing) about it! In “Earth Your While,” join Zach as he talks with climate change experts who have a variety of opinions on climate change, what causes it, and whether we actually need to be thinking about it. In this Earth Your While adventure, Zach talks with a Rabbi, an Imam, and a Reverend about their religion’s perspective on caring for the environment.

Power of Three – Part Two

We have three primary relationships in life: We ourself, with God, and with others. In this two-part class, Rabbi Yonah explores these relationships in realm of Kabbalah,  ethics and morality, and spiritual growth.

This class was hosted at a community member’s home in August 2017.