Shabbat is a time to connect spiritually and with community

At Pico Shul, we strive to make Shabbat services as meaningful, enjoyable, and welcoming as possible. For many who are turned-off from synagogues, or have not found a spiritual home, Pico Shul provides an alternative space for personal spiritual exploration.

Begin your Shabbat morning with coffee, tea and our inspiring, user-friendly Shabbat morning services led by our chazan and Rabbi. Learn from the parsha each week during L’Chaim and Learning. We culminate our joyous services with Rabbi Yonah’s inspiring and motivating  sermon. After services enjoy a homemade, delicious Kiddush lunch, make a L’Chaim, and mingle with great people.

Summer Schedule

9:30 am     Shabbat Morning Services – Shacharit

10:40 am  L’Chaim and Learning – thoughtful text study, cake and kiddush

11:00 am    Torah Reading, Prayers/Misheberach for Healing

11:45 am     Singing Additional Prayer Services – Musaf

12:00 pm     Rabbi’s Sermon

12:30 pm      Kiddush Lunch

2:00 pm       Mincha

We have a running commentary in English so you always know where you are in the siddur.

No previous Shabbat Morning experience is necessary, all prayer books are in Hebrew and English, and our non-judgmental atmosphere means that you can come as you are!

Pico Shul Shabbat programming is as enjoyable for the experienced and inexperienced alike!

* No prior Shabbat Morning experience necessary
* Traditionally inspired services with separate seating
* All levels and backgrounds welcome
* Hebrew reading skills not required


3 Tammuz 5781 (June 14, 2021)
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