Global Event for Jewish Singles, Nov. 15, 2020

Have you ever wondered if there is anyone out there for you to marry? Do you find yourself questioning your goals and marriage aspirations?

At Fall in Love you will learn the answer to these questions and so much more. This global event for Jewish singles brings together leading relationship minds and spiritual leaders to help you achieve relationship goals you never thought possible.

Over the course of one day, we will help you find answers, and provide you tools to reshape your life and romantic future.

Our first Kesher Relationship Seminar included participants from seven countries and the feedback has been extremely good! “It was life-changing. Absolutely transformational,” – Sarah from LA told us.

Register early and save with early bird pricing!

Short, Sweet, Safe High Holiday Services

Join us for short and sweet High Holiday services! Register at DAYSOFAWESOME.ORG

Joyous, user-friendly, welcoming, and meaningful High Holiday celebrations. Special pricing for Students and Young Professionals.

Services led by Rabbi Yonah Bookstein and Chazan Tuli Skaist, and Yehuda Prero

Intimate Garden Service with shade, bottled water.

COVID Can’t Stop Chesed

I write to you at an unpredictable and challenging moment — something our world has not seen in a century. Every few days brings up new issues and emotions to navigate.

One thing that’s become abundantly clear to me as we live with the public health, economic, and communal crises that surround us, is how interdependent we are as a Jewish community, and interdependent we are with the larger communities that we are part of. We exist together even when stand apart. As our Sages of blessed memory taught this lesson centuries ago in the Talmud that כל ישראל ערבים זה בזה Kol Israel Aruvim Zeh BaZeh, ‘All Israel is interconnected one with another’ (Talmud, Shevuot 39a).

This means that not only do we come from the same source, but that our lives and futures are interconnected. We need one another.

We continue to help and support one another and our community as a whole.

My heart has been lifted by the outpouring of support from our community asking, “How can we help?”

It’s helpful to know that these crises are a load we share and that we all play a part in supporting one another.

The community’s generosity and support has been amazing.

Here’s a recent story that just happened! (with names changed for privacy)

Recently, I was contacted by Joseph a member of our Pico Shul family who had lost their job. Single, without any savings, he had reached out to see if I knew of anything. I pointed him to our LA Job Listing page created at the suggestion of another member — but I also knew that I had to be on the lookout. A few days later, another member of our community David reached out and said, “I just heard that Sarah is hiring, maybe you know some people?”Immediately, I contacted Joseph and told him to reach out to Sarah ASAP. Then I called Sarah and gave a pitch for Joseph. When she heard that he needed a job she said, “I know him, I have had Shabbos Lunch with him at Pico Shul!” She hired him for the job that week.

I hope that together we can focus on getting through this crisis — and coming out stronger on the other end.

I know that since the Jewish community is resilient, caring, and capable of incredible Chesed, acts of loving kindness, I know that we will come through this stronger as a community.

Because #COVIDCantStopChesed.

If I can help you or your loved ones navigate the new normal in any way, please let me know.

Wishing you a Good Chodesh, a Good New Month of Elul, and may you and your loved ones be inscribed in the Book of Life for healthy and joyous New Year!

Peace and Blessings,

Rabbi Yonah

P.S. If you share on social media the stories that are about people doing good that inspires you, locally or anywhere else from your community that have inspired you, please use the #CovidCantStopCHESED hashtag so together we can spread a movement of generosity

More Love, More Light | 2019 Decade-End Campaign

Lovefest Pics

Thanks to our sponsor Barak Raviv and our host Sam Delug for making our LOVEFEST event such success. Everyone enjoyed an incredible romantic and fun night! Thank you to all the volunteers, Kimera Band, and Rebbitzin Rachel for making this such a special event! Sponsored by the Barak Raviv Foundation and Pico Shul Co-Sponsored by Chai Center, Happy Minyan, and JLIC-OU. A benefit for Camp Neshama

Who will rise up for me against evildoers; who will stand up for me against workers of violence? 

Read excerpts from Rabbi Yonah’s sermon after the massacre of Muslim worshippers in New Zealand.

God needs us to be Divine Ambassadors on Earth. God needs us to be his Angels here to help build a world of justice and righteousness. 

New sign is already turning heads

Thank you!!!

Thank you to 18 people who made donations to help us make a new sign for Pico Shul! The new sign has LED lighting and is wonderful to see when you pass at night. During the day, our simple logo stands out for all to see.

If you want to still be part of this campaign feel free to donate today!

Your donation will help us make a sign so we can shine more light

And be matched by a generous donor! For only 6 more days!

When we moved into our current venue two years ago, a Gordon’s Fish Market Sign was still hanging in front announcing “fresh daily catches” of fish. It was a classic, but misleading. We were always getting requests for fish. So we decided it was time for a new sign. And this new sign will enable Pico Shul to be more easily found, and bring light and beauty to our Center.

When we moved into our current venue two years ago, a Gordon’s Fish Market Sign was still hanging in front announcing “fresh daily catches” of fish. It was a classic, but misleading. We were always getting requests for fish. So we decided it was time for a new sign. And this new sign will enable Pico Shul to be more easily found, and bring light and beauty to our Center.

We re replacing not only the sign but also the lighting. The old fluorescent ballasts were broken, so we are also installing LED lighting that will be energy efficient and bright.

A generous donor has offered to MATCH each donation for this campaign, and whatever we raise over the amount needed will be used towards additional signage and space improvements.

We are trying to finish in one week with this campaign … (a lot of good things have happened in seven days).

This is an especially appropriate campaign to support in memory of a loved one!

All donations over $500 will be included on a plaque to be installed in the shul.

Tour to Poland, Hungary & Slovakia With Rabbi Yonah

Join Rabbi Yonah for a historic tour to visit Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, March 26-April 2, 2019. Our are planning a trip that starts in Vienna, travels through Slovakia, and then to Poland.

Journey to Poland, Slovakia & Hungry
A pilgrimage and spiritual journey in Central Europe including:
Lezansk (Lezajsk) – Join the Thousands who come to this holy site on the Yahrzeit of Reb Elimelech
Bratislava – the hometown and burial place of the Chasam Sofer
Warsaw, Pre-Holocaust Jewish capital of Europe 
Krakow – Renaissance synagogues, resting place of great tzaddikim
Lublin – city of the Chozeh
Kerestirer – home of the tzaddik Reb Shayele Kerestirer;
Auschwitz – epicenter of the Holocaust
And other places of special of cultural and religious significance.

Ground only and combined air/ground available.
Freshly cooked kosher cuisine • Minyanim • Luxurious Motor Coach travel
Space will be limited

Sign up here if you are interested in the trip to receive updates!

Our Response to Tragedy in Pittsburgh: New Jewish Learning Program & Activities

Dear Friends,

In response to the massacre of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh Synagogue, Pico Shul is launching a multifaceted effort to increase Jewish learning and commitment to ritual and community called “Jewish Essentials”. Thanks to dedicated teachers and rabbis we will be offering a whole new portfolio of classes and programming.
To make this program a reality – we need we need partners!

We are launching a crowdsourcing campaign TODAY to raise $10,000 to do grow our reach and ability to provide learning, programming and shabbat experiences to hundreds more people.

This is a monumental project and the best response that we know to tragedy. We will be bringing light and Torah to the world in the merit of those who died.

Please join me in donating to make this program achieve what is possible.

Every time you give tzedakah – it creates a new conduit for blessing for you and your family.

This is a great opportunity for us to do something POSITIVE and AWESOME in the wake of tragedy. That is what God wants from us.

Please please donate something today to make this program possible.


Rabbi Yonah