The Ten Minute Seder

Updated for 2020! For those short on time, who want a kosher seder! 

Here is the dilemma. You want to do a proper Seder, but due to the pandemic, some tired kids, or for whatever reason, you need to get the Seder done with efficiently.  It’s not ideal – but it happens. The problem is that we realized is that people end up skipping essential parts of the Seder, because most Hagaddahs will not tell you what you can skip.

With this in mind I created the 10 Minute Haggadah originally in 2012. I have now updated it, and it’s a Kosher seder for those short on time.

This Haggadah is two pages long and you download it and print it out at home, or get it copied. I originally put this Hagaddah together for “Matzachella”, our Shabbat Tent Coachella Seder. 

Everything that MUST be said or done at the Seder is included in The 10 Minute Seder. In addition some favorites are included like Dayeinu. Even if you will use another Haggadah, check out the Ten Minute Seder!

Purim Gifts for the Poor- The Biggest Mitzvah

Rabbi Yonah will distribute these funds to needy Jewish families and homeless Jews on Purim

Purim’s 4 Mitvot are to hear the megillah, give tzedakah, have a meal, and give food gifts to friends. The biggest impact you have have, and what Rabbi Yonah calls “The Biggest Mitzvah of Purim” is giving away money. Why? Because we learn from our sages in the Shulchan Aruch that bringing joy to the poor on Purim, is more important than spending money on Purim baskets or fancy meals!

How to do it properly? The tzedakah money has to go to poor Jews and has to be distributed on Purim. Not everyone knows who is poor, and who is Jewish, and has the time and ability to find those in need on the right day.

As a Rabbi who helps a lot people in need, Rabbi Yonah is connected to these poor Jewish families and homeless Jews all year round. And they are counting on him to help them in a big way on Purim. If you donate to our campaign, Rabbi Yonah will distribute the Tzedakah on your behalf to Jews who are in REAL NEED. This money helps them pay off debts, get their cell phone turned on, buy a new pair of shoes for their kids from thrift store. It’s a GIANT mitzvah!

How much tzedakah should you give? A lot. Seriously consider giving 10% of your monthly profits to help poor Jews. You will feel very good and do a lot of good in the world. And you will be repaid by Hashem for your kindness.

As with the other mitzvot of Purim, all Jews, men women and even small children should fulfill this mitzvah.

Days of Awesome High Holidays 2019

Two synagogues in Pico join forces to bring an awesome High Holidays experience to Los Angeles.

We always want to make the High Holiday experience special. This year we are co-creating a center for the High Holidays featuring joyous, interactive and soul-lifting services and programs at Harkham Hillel Day School in collaboration with LA’s Happy Minyan. We’ll be hosting multiple services, programs and classes, at this large, beautiful and secure school.

Our Days of Awesome features:

Pico Shul High Holiday Services

Happy Minyan High Holiday Services

All participants can participant in these programs:

Kid Shul: Children’s service and supervised play

The Beginner Service 

Mommy and Me: Room for mother’s with babies

Chai Cafe space with coffee, tea and snacks

Kabbalah Sutra Yoga

Breakout Sessions  and more!

Pico Shul Rosh Hashanah Service

Inspiring High Holidays services blending traditional and newer melodies, a user-friendly format, explanations, and bi-lingual prayer books. Geared towards Young Professionals and those newer to traditional services. Services led by Rabbi Yonah Bookstein and Chazanim Tuli Skaist, Yehuda Prero and The Maccabeards.

Happy Minyan Service 

World-famous inspiring, meaningful, joyous and musical services lead by Yehuda Solomon, Jeff Rohatiner, and Jon Hoenig and inspiring talks by David Sacks. Geared towards families and more experienced “daveners”. Featuring bi-lingual prayer books, welcoming atmosphere, dancing, and soul-lifting speakers.

Kid Shul: Children’s service and supervised play

Children can participate in a short kids service with shofar and prayer, and supervised games.

The Beginner Service 

Led by educator Yonah Stromer, walk through the key parts of the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur service using our own beginners prayer books.

Kabbalah Sutra Yoga

Led by Marcus J. Freed, author of Kabbalah Sutras. No special clothing or mat is required for this yoga and meditation practice.

Mommy and Me: Room for mother’s with babies

A private place for mothers with babies to relax with their kids. We will have a couple of pack and plays and mats there too for resting.

Chai Cafe: coffee, tea and cake for Rosh Hashanah

Grab some refreshments before services, or take a break at the Chai Cafe in the atrium.

Breakout Sessions 

Take a break from services and join these great classes

Mind over Matter – Rabbi Shlomo Seidenfeld 

Blowing Shofar for Dummies – Yossi Frankel

The near and the far – Cheston Mizel 

Prophets and Honey – Rachel Kaufman 

Grateful Living  – Batsheva Frankel 

We are very excited about these updates. This program ensures that will be having a larger and brighter space for all our services and air conditioned rooms for all our other sessions and much more room for kids. 

As we are a non-judgmental community focused on Jewish unity, caring and welcoming guests — please invite your friends to join us for the High Holidays. Maybe they don’t have a regular synagogue and feel self-conscious about where to go. Bring them to our High Holiday Center, because no Jew can be left behind! 

You can reserve your seat by purchasing tickets, which are all donations to cover our costs. You do not need to be a member to join us. You can get seats for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur separately. So please don’t miss out on our great services, fascinating break-out-sessions and a delicious Kabbalistic Rosh Hashanah Kiddish and register today for Rosh Hashanah.

If you are able to help underwrite the costs of putting on these services for the community, you can also make an additional tax-deductible donation on our registration page. Lastly, we are also looking for sponsors for scholarships for students and others. 

May you be written and inscribed in the Book of Life for good health and blessings in 5780!

Rabbi Yonah 

Sell your Chametz over Passover 5779

Take 5 Minutes to Fill out our Online Form!

The sale is a complex legal procedure that you should not try at home.

It’s a great mitzvah to *not own* chametz over Passover. Sometimes we have chametz (whiskey collection, warehouse of cookies) we don’t want to dispose of permanently. To enable this transaction, the sages created a binding and legal sale of chametz that can be performed before the holiday to a non-Jew, who sells the chametz back after the holiday. Fill out the form online and Rabbi Yonah will execute the sale on your behalf. If you have questions email