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mitzvacart: Delivering Meals to First Responders

The Covid crisis in Los Angeles is very bad. Hospitals are overflowing and first responders are working nonstop without able to take any breaks. To help make their job easier in caring for others, we are caring for them — we are providing fresh meals from kosher restaurants to hospitals and vaccination sites. You can […]

Caring Changes Everything

God is asking us to care for those around us more than at any other time in recent memory. Elderly who need food delivered. Talented people who need work, money and food. Singles looking for a soulmate. Couples in crisis. Mourners burying their parents who died from COVID. First responders working endless hours. Parents balancing […]

Facebook Video Learning

Check out the latest online classes with Rabbi Yonah and others posted to Facebook.

Global Event for Jewish Singles, Nov. 15, 2020

Have you ever wondered if there is anyone out there for you to marry? Do you find yourself questioning your goals and marriage aspirations? At Fall in Love you will learn the answer to these questions and so much more. This global event for Jewish singles brings together leading relationship minds and spiritual leaders to […]

Short, Sweet, Safe High Holiday Services

Join us for short and sweet High Holiday services! Register at DAYSOFAWESOME.ORG Joyous, user-friendly, welcoming, and meaningful High Holiday celebrations. Special pricing for Students and Young Professionals. Services led by Rabbi Yonah Bookstein and Chazan Tuli Skaist, and Yehuda Prero Intimate Garden Service with shade, bottled water.

COVID Can’t Stop Chesed

I write to you at an unpredictable and challenging moment — something our world has not seen in a century. Every few days brings up new issues and emotions to navigate. One thing that’s become abundantly clear to me as we live with the public health, economic, and communal crises that surround us, is how […]

Revolutionary Global Seminar for Jewish Singles

Leading Relationship Experts Join Forces Online in Unique Program Launching July 26  With regular events and retreats for Jewish singles on pause, the team behind Camp Neshama, Jewlicious Festival and Relationship Revolution have created a unique global seminar for Jewish singles. Kesher Relationship Seminar launches on July 26, 2020, with leading psychologists and relationship experts […]

The Shavuos-at-Home Kit: A Guide to Strengthening our Connection With God with Shavuos Customs, Activities, Learning, and Recipes

There is nothing that we would rather be doing than gathering together at our synagogues and study house for Shavuos. In our little shtetl of Pico, the streets on Shavuos night are overflowing. Jews of all backgrounds and ages walk from shul to shul to study Torah, celebrate the holiday, pray, and socialize. It’s very […]

Together With Rabbi Yonah

Join Rabbi Yonah for inspiring conversations every week on his new web series Together With Rabbi Yonah. People of all backgrounds have been devastated by the pandemic and Together is dedicated to bringing light and healing to our world. Together on this program we will meet some amazing people, and share advice and insights to […]

The Ten Minute Seder

Updated for 2020! For those short on time, who want a kosher seder!  Here is the dilemma. You want to do a proper Seder, but due to the pandemic, some tired kids, or for whatever reason, you need to get the Seder done with efficiently.  It’s not ideal – but it happens. The problem is that we […]