Caring Changes Everything

God is asking us to care for those around us more than at any other time in recent memory. Elderly who need food delivered. Talented people who need work, money and food. Singles looking for a soulmate. Couples in crisis. Mourners burying their parents who died from COVID. First responders working endless hours. Parents balancing running zoom school and their work. These are unprecedented times.

In order to meet this challenge, Pico Shul has also embarked on an unprecedented effort as well to care for the community and encourage and organize others to care more.

Since March we have been involved in multiple projects to help those impacted by Covid. We organized 70 people to deliver food and supplies to those who are homebound. We have organized bringing fresh meals to firefighters and nurses.

We have raised about $5k in the last month for a Jewish free loan fund for COVID relief. 

And Pico Shul has distributed $20k+ in direct financial assistance to those in need.

There are links to those campaigns for below.

One of the unseen tragedies is all of the single Jewish women and men who are not able to go to social events like they did before. Women also see the clock ticking and the chances of marrying and having children shrinking.

To help this Jewish singles, Pico Shul created an entire new division called Kesher and is organizing regular dating and relationships programs online and are now creating a matchmaking site for them.

Let’s make the world more caring, and show God that we care about God’s creations. Please make a donation today!

Year End Campaign to Support Ongoing Programs and Organizing

Pico Shul JFLA Free Loan Fund

Pandemic Crisis Fund