Purim Gifts for the Poor- The Biggest Mitzvah

Rabbi Yonah will distribute these funds to needy Jewish families and homeless Jews on Purim

Purim’s 4 Mitvot are to hear the megillah, give tzedakah, have a meal, and give food gifts to friends. The biggest impact you have have, and what Rabbi Yonah calls “The Biggest Mitzvah of Purim” is giving away money. Why? Because we learn from our sages in the Shulchan Aruch that bringing joy to the poor on Purim, is more important than spending money on Purim baskets or fancy meals!

How to do it properly? The tzedakah money has to go to poor Jews and has to be distributed on Purim. Not everyone knows who is poor, and who is Jewish, and has the time and ability to find those in need on the right day.

As a Rabbi who helps a lot people in need, Rabbi Yonah is connected to these poor Jewish families and homeless Jews all year round. And they are counting on him to help them in a big way on Purim. If you donate to our campaign, Rabbi Yonah will distribute the Tzedakah on your behalf to Jews who are in REAL NEED. This money helps them pay off debts, get their cell phone turned on, buy a new pair of shoes for their kids from thrift store. It’s a GIANT mitzvah!

How much tzedakah should you give? A lot. Seriously consider giving 10% of your monthly profits to help poor Jews. You will feel very good and do a lot of good in the world. And you will be repaid by Hashem for your kindness.

As with the other mitzvot of Purim, all Jews, men women and even small children should fulfill this mitzvah.