Our Response to Tragedy in Pittsburgh: New Jewish Learning Program & Activities

Dear Friends,

In response to the massacre of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh Synagogue, Pico Shul is launching a multifaceted effort to increase Jewish learning and commitment to ritual and community called “Jewish Essentials”. Thanks to dedicated teachers and rabbis we will be offering a whole new portfolio of classes and programming.
To make this program a reality – we need we need partners!

We are launching a crowdsourcing campaign TODAY to raise $10,000 to do grow our reach and ability to provide learning, programming and shabbat experiences to hundreds more people.

This is a monumental project and the best response that we know to tragedy. We will be bringing light and Torah to the world in the merit of those who died.

Please join me in donating to make this program achieve what is possible.

Every time you give tzedakah – it creates a new conduit for blessing for you and your family.

This is a great opportunity for us to do something POSITIVE and AWESOME in the wake of tragedy. That is what God wants from us.

Please please donate something today to make this program possible.


Rabbi Yonah