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More Love, More Light | 2019 Decade-End Campaign

Business and Blessing

How to Bring Spirituality into Your Business

Days of Awesome High Holidays 2019

Two synagogues in Pico join forces to bring an awesome High Holidays experience to Los Angeles. We always want to make the High Holiday experience special. This year we are co-creating a center for the High Holidays featuring joyous, interactive and soul-lifting services and programs at Harkham Hillel Day School in collaboration with LA’s Happy […]

Lovefest Pics

Thanks to our sponsor Barak Raviv and our host Sam Delug for making our LOVEFEST event such success. Everyone enjoyed an incredible romantic and fun night! Thank you to all the volunteers, Kimera Band, and Rebbitzin Rachel for making this such a special event! Sponsored by the Barak Raviv Foundation and Pico Shul Co-Sponsored by […]

Bringing Redemption Through Unity

A series of events – to promote unity in the Jewish community  The Month of Av is greeted with a sense of sadness and mourning. The devastating impact of the destruction of the Second Temple, the Beit HaMikdash, on the 9th of Av, and the subsequent exile of the Jewish people, fundamentally changed the world […]

Weekday Unity Minyan

Join us joyous friendly services Monday through Friday together with members of Kahal Chassidim and Happy Minyan. We begin at 8:15 am with fresh brewed coffee and Brachot. Services begin at 8:30 am. Following davening, enjoy instant oatmeal, more coffee, and 15 minutes of learning with Rabbi Yonah

Why Community Building is Important

What does it take to build a thriving future for the Jewish people?  You need synagogues, schools, adult education, bakeries, grocery stores, kosher restaurants, and mikvahs. These institutions are all very important. When people think about Jewish community, we often think in terms of the institutions and organizations that serve the community. These critical institutional […]

Behind The Scenes at Pico Shul

We want to share with you an update, so you can know even more about what is going on with our Pico Shul Center for Jewish Life. Some highlights since January 1, 2019 251 people have made donations to Pico Shul and Pico Shul Directed Chesed Campaigns. Installed the new Pico Shul Sign. Volunteers from […]

Purpose of Life is a Good Heart

The foundation of the entire purpose of man is to have a good heart and a pure heart” -Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi Having a good heart, teaches the Baal HaTanya, is the entire purpose of humankind. It also happens to be the number one thing that I ask people when they tell me about a […]

Sell your Chametz over Passover 5779

Take 5 Minutes to Fill out our Online Form! The sale is a complex legal procedure that you should not try at home. It’s a great mitzvah to *not own* chametz over Passover. Sometimes we have chametz (whiskey collection, warehouse of cookies) we don’t want to dispose of permanently. To enable this transaction, the sages […]