L.A. Weekly: Rabbi Yonah Bookstein Brings Digital Detox and Shabbat Dinner to Sundance

The Sundance Shabbat Lounge got some major love!

The special connection between the Sundance Film Festival and Los Angeles is no mystery. Large companies such as William Morris and ASCAP rent out their own private events, while millionaire businessmen come to their Deer Valley homes with hopes of partying at $20,000 tables at the Post Malone concert in their once-a-year fur coats.

But it’s not all about the sold-out shows and celebrity parties. Yonah Bookstein, rabbi at the Pico Shul synagogue in Los Angeles, and his organization Shabbat Tent set up dinner dates for the film industry, sharing challah, wine and brisket at the Sundance Shabbat Lounge at the Wasatch Brew Pub.

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